Liberal shipyard a floating Atcon, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the Liberal government’s decision to bail out and buy a failed shipyard project is the last thing New Brunswick taxpayers need.

“The province is firing teachers and squeezing the healthcare system. More and more New Brunswickers are looking for work. The Liberals’ response is to sink $40 million we don’t have into a shipyard that’s already failing.”

“The province is going to hire private-sector managers to make the shipyard a success,” Cardy said. “It makes no sense. If it was viable the private sector would already be making ships in Caraquet.”

“Brian Gallant has to start answering,” Cardy said. “What happens if the federal government sees that the project is not viable? Who is going to purchase these ships? How can you justify throwing $40 million at an already failed project when too many of our workers lack the skills they need to get a job? Those workers are betrayed by decisions like this. This is why people are leaving our province.”

Cardy said, “If we’re serious about keeping young people in New Brunswick let’s sink this boatyard boondoggle and replace the three cancelled tax credits for university students. Those canceled credits helped 41,000 New Brunswickers. This shipyard plan benefits no one.”

“It’s time for Mister Gallant to wake up,” Cardy said. “New Brunswickers remember his party wasted $70 million on Atcon. The Premier needs to look at fifty years of failed economic development projects and say you know, maybe that whole Bricklin-Atlantic Yarn-Atcon thing, that whole model, just isn’t working.”

“Every program that the government said they had to cut to make room for the Tuition Bursary announcement, put together, cost less than the ship yard,” Cardy said. “They could have kept all three cancelled tax credits that benefit 41,000 NBers for what the shipyard cost.”