Liberal plan should be renamed ‘Math is hard’

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the Liberal criticism of the NDP’s childcare plan is wrong.

“Once again, Mr. Gallant seems more preoccupied with criticizing the NDP plan than actually doing the necessary homework,” Cardy said.

“Mr. Gallant is saying our plan is based on Quebec’s model. It’s actually based on the system currently in use in PEI, which was put in place by a Liberal government,” Cardy said.

“The NDP plan creates 1500 more spaces than Mr. Gallant’s plan for almost the same amount of money,” Cardy said. “The NDP plan also uses existing space in schools and we don’t know how Mr. Gallant’s plan will be implemented.”

“New Brunswick deserves better than baseless Liberal criticism,” Cardy said. “It’s unfortunate that in the last week of this campaign we can’t have meaningful discussion on policy.”

“We’re ready because New Brunswick deserves better.”