Liberal cuts to daycares hurting children when they need it most, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling on the Liberal government to reverse its cuts to daycare centres.

“Mr. Gallant is preoccupied with his party’s election platform promises,” Cardy said, referring to the Premier’s recent refusal to be bound by a verbal contract with seniors. “Cutting daycare centre funding will increase fees and reduce spaces – that was not part of the Liberal plan, but it is what will happen because of these cuts.”

“Mr. Gallant promised to increase daycare spaces in New Brunswick to 30,000. He promised to remove the barriers so that lower-income families can access daycare services,” Cardy said. “Instead he’s going to force parents out of work and back on welfare.”

“These cuts hurt our future as a province and they hurt our kids. I’m asking the Premier to cancel the corporate handouts and invest in our children.”

“The NDP plan for early childhood education would work with daycare providers and parents to develop a comprehensive system that will make sure every child has access to high quality, affordable, early childhood education.”

New Brunswick deserves better.