Job losses show failure of Gallant’s corporate handout economic plan, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling for a complete rethink of New Brunswick’s economic development strategy after the latest job figures showed the loss of 5,300 full time jobs in May. This was the largest one-month loss since March 2009, during the global economic crisis.

“The latest job numbers should not come as a surprise,” Cardy said. “The cause is the decades-old culture of Liberal and Tory governments buying jobs and picking winners and losers in the private sector while underinvesting in education and health.”

“The way to create jobs is for the government to liberate the potential of New Brunswickers, to provide education, skills training, and other lifelong learning opportunities and nurture a climate that encourages entrepreneurs, along with providing quality social programs,” Cardy said. “Instead, the Liberal government is cutting teachers and healthcare while handing out over $300 million a year in corporate handouts,” Cardy said.

Cardy highlighted the NDP job creation plan that would see investment in teachers and education, along with eliminating the small business tax and introducing a new jobs tax credit, measures that have proven track records of success elsewhere.

“If slashing education and healthcare and handing out tax dollars to well-connected corporations is the ticket to economic success, New Brunswick would be the richest place on Earth,” Cardy said. “Clearly this isn’t the case.”

“The NDP will provide a government that believes in the potential and ability of New Brunswickers to create and attract jobs.”