Inclusion in schools isn’t working, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy supports the review of inclusion proposed by the New Brunswick Teachers Union and calls for a broader review of Brian Gallant’s and Serge Rousselle’s neglect for the education system.

“The NDP supports the NBTU’s call for a review of inclusion. The current program is just three years old, and it has won our province global attention and praise. But the plan on paper and the way it’s working in the classroom just don’t match up. I have heard from too many teachers and parents that the resources just aren’t there. Instead of moving to real inclusion, with individual learning plans for every child, we’re seeing cutbacks in the number of teachers and the continuation of the no-fail system that hides the real failures in our system,” Cardy says.

“Staying the course on education is no option. When teachers raise the red flag we have to listen. When it comes to education, we should always be striving to excel,” Cardy says. “When it comes to inclusion we should never stop trying to improve. Brian Gallant and Serge Rousselle have to lead, and that means listening to the teachers, principals, and parents.”