In wake of shale gas moratorium extension, Cardy stresses need for independent regulator

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy said the indefinite extension of the shale gas moratorium means the Liberal government is ducking the hard questions about resource industries in New Brunswick. Cardy is again calling for the creation of an independent regulator for natural resource projects.

“The provincial shale gas commission’s report recommended a single regulator for the industry,” Cardy said. “The NDP’s 2014 platform called for an independent regulator for all natural resource projects. The environment is too important to be toyed with by Liberal and Tory governments. Are the Liberals going to act on the report’s recommendations or just sit back and wait for another resource boom and another resource controversy.”

Cardy said an independent regulator based on the US Environmental Protection Agency would mitigate the risks posed by potential projects as it would remove politics from the equation.

“Too many times in New Brunswick we have seen Liberal and Tory governments play politics with our forest, our water and our environment in general,” Cardy said. “An independent regulator would put the brakes the political use of our resources.”

“This is the ideal time to get the work done, and done right, when it comes to natural resource policy around the oil and gas industry. Set the rules, make it clear that our government will always protect public safety, and make it clear that if our resources are used we expect our fair of the profits to reinvest in our most important resource: our people.”