Happy Acadian Day

On this 2014 National Acadian Day, I would like to wish all Acadians from across New Brunswick and around the world, a day filled with activities, pride and emotions.

Since I have been the leader of the New Brunswick NDP, I have become better acquainted with the Acadian culture. I now have a better understanding of the challenges you are facing. I know as well that despite your heavy past and despite your present challenges, you have a collective strength that goes beyond New Brunswick borders; an artistic, cultural and institutional strength that we are all proud of.

Today is a day of celebrations, a day that will vibrate to the rhythm of Acadie. I wish you all happy festivities.

I will be attending the flag-raising ceremony and will be having breakfast at the Acadian Village in Bertrand with our Caraquet NDP candidate, Mathieu Chayer, followed by official ceremonies in Tracadie-Sheila. Later in the evening I will be attending the flag-raising ceremony in the Capital in front of City Hall with the Acadian community in my home town of Fredericton.

I take this opportunity to invite my fellow Anglophone citizens to join the Acadians in celebrating the National Acadian Day on this Friday, August 15, 2014.

Happy Acadian Day!

Dominic Cardy

Leader of the New Brunswick NDP