Dominic Cardy releases by-election pledges for Saint John East

SAINT JOHN – NDP leader and Saint John East by-election candidate Dominic Cardy is making three pledges to the people of Saint John East.

“I have talked to thousands of people in Saint John East and one thing keeps coming up at the doors,” Cardy said, “the people of Saint John East want an MLA who will work hard for them, someone with a proven record of getting things done.”

“I will be a strong voice for Saint John East,” Cardy said, “and I am making three pledges if elected on November 17th.”

“First, to represent a riding, an MLA should live in it,” Cardy said, “My wife Margot and I will move to Saint John East before the end of November.”

None of the candidates running in the Saint John East by-election currently live in the riding, and Cardy is the only candidate who has committed to move to the riding.

“Second, as leader of the NDP, I pledge that at least one of my two questions during each Question Period will be specifically focused on Saint John East,” Cardy said. “Unlike my PC opponent in this by-election, I will be able to put local concerns directly in front of the Premier every day.”

Prior to the election, Cardy successfully lobbied the government to pass two different bills, making him the only candidate in the by-election with a track record of getting things done.

“Third, to better reflect the times that people work and take care of their families, I am promising that my constituency office will be open evenings and weekends,” Cardy said.

“The people of Saint John East deserve a leader who will fight for them every day. They deserve a leader who will listen to them, and not to the backrooms of the two big political parties.”