Dominic Cardy on conditions for cooperation

FREDERICTON – The following is a statement from NDP Leader Dominic Cardy:

Today, Brian Gallant’s Liberals are spreading rumours about what may happen if no party wins a majority.

Mr. Gallant is increasingly desperate. He is now losing an election he felt entitled to win. Instead of talking policy, he is focusing on power. I am pleased that he has acknowledged the possibility that he may not win a majority.

We hope to defeat Tories and Liberals and form a majority NDP government.

If the people of New Brunswick decide that no party deserves a majority, parties either have to respect that and work together, or there will be another costly, divisive election.

Unlike Mr. Gallant, we will accept whatever mandate the voters give us. Each NDP MLA will work to advance the policies we were elected to advance. We will go motion by motion, bill by bill, issue by issue, respecting our platform.

If no party has a majority, these will be the NDP conditions for co-operating with any other party.

• It must clean up government and pass tough anti-patronage laws.
• It must be fiscally responsible and avoid irresponsible expenditures.
• It must make health care and education their top spending priorities
• It must restore our independent science capacity and avoid hurting the environment, including fracking.
• It must respect the law of contracts and human rights

If you vote NDP, you know what you’re getting….a team of women and men who will use whatever seats we have to advance those issues. Mr. Gallant seeks only a four year blank cheque to do whatever he wants, and he is angry because he’s not getting it.

I have three questions for Mr. Gallant.

1. If your party doesn’t win a majority, will you force an immediate election or will you give the Legislature at least a year to work?
2. If no party has a majority, will you rule out Liberals voting with Conservatives to move ahead on fracking for the length of the mandate?
3. If you fail to get a majority, will you drop your $900million borrowing plan and work with the NDP on funding health and education first?

I await his reply. I am sure he agrees that voters deserve clarity on our plans.