Cardy urges Gallant to consider wellbeing of students in early Immersion announcement.

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is urging the government to evaluate the needs of students and teachers before restoring grade one immersion.

“Today’s announcement, within weeks of the government releasing an education plan saying that they were going to trust teachers, shows that Premier Gallant has ignored the advice of every elected English school district and every English teachers union in the province”

“Before the removal of early immersion half of rural schools, 98 percent of students with special needs and 80 percent of the poorest students in this province didn’t receive or participate in French immersion. Since the removal of the grade one entry point, English provincial literacy rates have increased and students from rural schools and the most vulnerable families in New Brunswick have received the opportunity to enrol in French immersion. After delivering one of the biggest cuts to education in the provinces history, Premier Gallant needs to ensure that immersion isn’t just a program for elites or we will make the language divide worse, not better”

“I sincerely hope that moving the entry point for Immersion back to grade one enhances New Brunswick’s education system. I remain skeptical as we have yet to see a comprehensive plan from this government to actually move towards early immersion. I fear that this is another of one of many empty announcements from this government, rather than a plan to improve New Brunswick’s education system in the interest of students” said Cardy.