Cardy to Gallant: explain Dr. Cleary’s firing now

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling on Premier Gallant to say whether he knew of and permitted the firing of the Eilish Cleary as Chief Medical Officer.

“Who authorized the suspension and the subsequent firing? Did Premier Gallant know about these decisions and, if so, when?”

“Dr. Cleary and New Brunswickers deserve answers to very basic questions,” Cardy said. “Last week this was a human resources issue. This week there are no issues with her work. A reasonable person could assume that there is an effort to silence her.”

“It has been twenty four hours since Dr. Cleary was fired without cause,” Cardy said. “It is convenient that Premier Gallant is eight thousand kilometres away taking in the sights in Paris, but New Brunswickers deserve answers and leadership now.”

“The NDP is calling for a fully independent and in depth investigation into why and how Dr. Cleary was fired.” Cardy concluded, “This is not a typical human resources issue no matter how much the government tries to spin it as one. The independence of our Chief Medical Officer, and the respect elected officials show for that independence, is a principle that must be protected. The Premier and his cabinet have failed to defend that principle. There will be a chilling effect on civil servants as a result.”

“What the Premier knew, and what he did once he knew it, is not a ‘human resources issue’. It is an issue of public trust and deserves public answers.”