Cardy sees potential benefits for province from new federal government

FREDERICTON – Following the election of a federal Liberal government and after the federal Throne Speech, New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy sees areas of benefit for our province in the Liberals’ election platform.

“There are promises in the Trudeau platform that relate to provincial-federal cooperation and that speak to concerns raised by the NDP. We hope a change of government in Ottawa might generate action on these files here in New Brunswick,” Cardy said.

Specifically, the NDP calls on the Gallant government to act on the following sections from the Liberal platform:

• Develop a pan-Canadian collaboration on health innovation, and will improve access to necessary prescription medications, and join with provincial and territorial governments to buy drugs in bulk, reducing the cost Canadian governments pay for these drugs, and making them more affordable for Canadians.

• Help those receiving Employment Insurance get the training they need to rejoin the workforce, we will invest $500 million more each year in provincial and territorial Labour Market Development Agreements.

• Help those who do not qualify for Employment Insurance or are not currently employed, we will invest an additional $200 million in training programs led by the provinces and territories.

• Work with provinces, territories, and post-secondary institutions to develop or expand Pre-Apprenticeship Training Programs. This will provide up to $10 million per year to help young Canadians gain the skills they need to enter high-demand trades.

Cardy said these federal Liberal promises could do much to start the process of ensuring cheaper access to prescription drugs and skills training in New Brunswick.

“Reducing drug costs, a major source of growth in healthcare costs, and providing new opportunities for existing and future workers to upgrade their skills are two areas where action is needed. We need to reform EI so it’s a bridge back to work, not an entry point for dependency on government,” Cardy said.