Cardy says MLA Rent Decision a Missed Opportunity

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the recent decision to have the New Brunswick Legislature take over rent payments for MLA’s constituency offices is a missed opportunity to save the province money. Cardy said the NDP has been advocating a more common sense solution for more than a year on this issue.

“We have government office spaces that sit completely empty,” Cardy said. “Why not have MLAs use that empty office space and save New Brunswick hundreds of thousands of dollars every year?”

“This decision is another example of government looking for short-term fixes rather than engaging in long-term strategic planning,” Cardy added.

Cardy said the NDP will be talking more about substantive government and democratic reform leading up to and during the provincial election campaign.

“We’re going to offer New Brunswickers a real plan to reform government and save the taxpayers money,” Cardy said. “The other parties have talked a good game but have done nothing. New Brunswick deserves more than empty talk and the new NDP is prepared to take action on real government reform.”

Among the ideas the NDP have put forward in this area are reducing the size of cabinet from 17 to 10 departments and eliminating the vehicle allowance for cabinet ministers.