Cardy heading to Ukraine to monitor elections

Fredericton – New Brunswick New Democratic Party Leader Dominic Cardy is travelling to the Ukraine as part of the Canadian Election Observation Missions (CANEOM), in support of Ukraine’s democratic development, to observe the preparations for Ukraine’s May 25th presidential elections.  Cardy will be one of 100 short-term observers (STO’s) along with 39 long-term observers (LTO’s) sent on the mission.

“I am honored to be a part of this mission,” Cardy said. “We often talk about the principles of democracy in the abstract; it is satisfying to be a part of an effort to ensure they are upheld in practice.”

Cardy was selected from the more than 1,500 Canadians who applied to CANEOM to be observers of Ukraine’s early presidential elections. The mission is funded by the Government of Canada.

Cardy served as an election observer in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Cambodia. He said the experience makes you appreciate the freedoms we sometimes take for granted at home.

“Making sure we have a clean, efficient, and accountable government is as important here as it is anywhere else. We can’t ever just accept that patronage and corporate welfare for friends of the government are acceptable in New Brunswick. My belief in open and fair democracy is why I’m going and what I’ll fight for here when I return,” Cardy said.

To answer any questions regarding his election observing credentials, Dominic Cardy is releasing his C.V. to the media and the public.


Dominic Cardy
158 Hanwell Road, Apt. 301 Fredericton
New Brunswick, Canada. E3B 9K8
Tel: 1 506 238 5550 or 1 506 206 1841


2011 –
Leader, New Brunswick New Democratic Party                                      Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Leader, spokesperson and lead strategist for a provincial political party. Modernized party organization and policies that increased party’s strength to record levels. Eliminated party debt. Stood in the 2012 Rothesay by-election and increased the NDP vote by 20% over the 2010 results. Lead a province-wide network of paid and volunteer staff.

Provincial Campaign Director, New Brunswick New Democratic Party                                   Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Managed all aspects of a provincial election campaign including strategy, message development, organization, fundraising, media, candidate search, public opinion research, leader’s tour, debate preparation and advertising. Managed a staff of more than 20 professional and volunteer workers, liaised with other parties, and served as party spokesperson. On the election of September 27, 2010 the party doubled vote from previous election, raised a record amount of money, recruited a record number of new members, and created a full-time and professional central party office to work with the highest number of organized local electoral district associations in the party’s history.

2008 – 2010
Regional Director, Asia-Pacific Programs, Forum of Federations                                       Ottawa, Canada
Managing programs across Asia and the Pacific for a Canada-based alliance of federal countries. Led the development and implementation of programs to strengthen federal systems of government in Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia. Managed field offices, field programs, and an Ottawa-based staff. Liaised with donors, governments, and partner countries. Wrote and won multi-million dollar funding awards from multiple donors.

2005 –2008
Country Director (Deputy Director 2005-2006), National Democratic Institute (NDI)                                     Kathmandu, Nepal
Director for country office of an international democracy-building organization, managed a growing office with twenty program and support staff running parliamentary, elections, political party, civic education, women’s leadership, polling, media, and youth programs. Drafted proposals and secured more than four million US dollars from the United States Agency for International Development, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and the World Food Program (WFP). These were the first CIDA program in support of political parties programs and the first grant from the WFP to NDI. Prepared regular reports and maintained relations with donors, the diplomatic community, political party and civil society leaders, the Election Commission, Parliament, other government bodies, and the media. In 2006 NDI programs trained more than 1000 political party leaders and activists, in 2007 more than 2000, and in 2008 more than 11,000. Coordinated creation of non-partisan domestic election monitoring alliance, fielded 10,000 observers for the 2008 Constituent Assembly elections. Led trainings and prepared materials for party leaders who trained approximately 200,000 party polling agents, led an NDI election observation team, led election orientations and political briefings for the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), The Carter Center (TCC), and other organizations’ staff, and election observers. Provided regular political briefings for the leadership of the UN, EU, TCC and briefed President Carter on election procedures. Throughout 2007 and 2008 provided weekly political briefings for the US Ambassador and senior US Embassy and USAID staff.

2002 – 2005
Program Manager (2002 – 2004) then Senior Program Manager (2004 – 2005), NDI                  Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Founded and managed political party programs including multi-party Political Organizers Academy for youth and women activists, women’s and youth wing development programs, and Women’s and Youth Leadership caucuses. Organized party workshops, maintained ties with major party leaders, wrote and edited program documents. Managed party reform program that led to the restructuring of the opposition party, the introduction of internal party elections and changes in the government parties including internal elections and the creation of a youth wing. Prior to 2003 elections designed and led election-skills trainings for 2000 party activists, managed the production of Cambodia’s first public-policy television program, and coordinated the signing of a multi-party Code of Conduct, negotiated with former UN Under Secretary General Cedric Thornberry. Observed the 2003 parliamentary elections.

Program Manager, NDI                                                 Islamabad, Pakistan
Designed and executed polling agent training program for eight parties in advance of parliamentary elections; 800,000 polling agent booklets produced and distributed in three languages; 1600 party workers received training from a core group of seven specially-trained NDI master trainers in a series of workshops in six cities. Assisted with the organization of an informal NDI election observation mission; met with then-President Musharaf, Election Commissioners, political party and civil society leaders, to assess pre-election conditions.

2001 – 2002
Senior Program Officer, NDI                                              Dhaka, Bangladesh
Organized visit of former US President Jimmy Carter to Bangladesh; held meetings with President, leaders of all major political parties, the Election Commission, and civil society leaders. Designed and executed polling agent training program for four parties in advance of parliamentary elections; 600,000 polling agent booklets produced and distributed; 1200 party workers received training from a core group of eight specially-trained NDI master trainers in a series of workshops in six cities. This program, focusing on local NDI and party trainers instead of international staff, has since been replicated in many different countries around the world.

2011-2012, Atlantic Co-Chair, Tom Mulcair for Leader campaign, Canada’s New Democrats
2009-, Member, Editorial Board, Inroads magazine
2005-2006, Campaign Manager, Fredericton NDP, federal election                    Fredericton, NB, Canada
2001, Fundraising coordinator, Ottawa Centre NDP                        Ottawa, ON, Canada
2000, Voter Contact Manager, Ottawa Centre NDP, federal election                Ottawa, ON, Canada
2000, Land Mine Exhibition Coordinator, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade        Ottawa, ON, Canada
1999, Membership and fundraising coordinator, Ottawa Centre NDP                Ottawa, ON, Canada
1999, Membership and fundraising coordinator, Welland-Thorold NDP                Welland, ON, Canada
1999, Campaign Manager, Pictou East NDP, provincial election                    Pictou, NS, Canada
1998, Voter Contact Manager, Cape Breton East NDP, provincial election                Glace Bay, NS, Canada
1997-1999, Member of Parliament’s Assistant, Michelle Dockrill, M.P. for Bras d’Or            Glace Bay, NS, Canada
1997, Campaign Manager, Bras d’Or NDP, federal election                    Glace Bay, NS, Canada
1996-1997, Assistant to the Provincial Secretary, Nova Scotia NDP                Halifax, NS, Canada
1996, Election Day Manager, Darrell Dexter campaign, Dartmouth, municipal election            Dartmouth, NS, Canada
1995 and 1996, Volunteer, United Nations Environment Programme                Nairobi, Kenya
1993, Assistant Voter Contact Manager, Halifax Citadel NDP, provincial election             Halifax, NS, Canada
1993-1995, President, Nova Scotia New Democratic Party Youth Wing                Halifax, NS, Canada

•    NDI Consultant, designing poll-watching program for political parties and civil society organizations, Tunis, Tunisia, May 2011
•    NDI Consultant, presenting focus group results to Tunisian political parties, Tunis, Tunisia, April 2011
•    Presenter, East-West Center/United Nations University workshop on sustainability and policy making, Honolulu, Hawaii, July 2010
•    NDI Consultant, working with domestic election monitoring organizations, Conakry, Guinea, May 2010
•    NDI Lead trainer, training SuNDE election observers, Aweil, Southern Sudan, March-April, 2010
•    Speaker, NDI conference for party leaders on democracy, development and policy making, Kigali, Rwanda, December 2009
•    NDI Election observer, City Corporation elections, Rajshahi, Bangladesh, July 2008
•    UNDP Resource person and speaker, National Assembly Conference on Civil Society Organizations, Thalat, Laos, July 2008
•    NDI Delegation leader, Nepal Constituent Assembly elections, Kathmandu, Nepal, April 2008
•    NDI Lead trainer, communications and messaging for political party youth leaders, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, February 2007
•    NDI Delegation member, Egyptian parliamentary elections, November 2005
•    NDI Delegation member, Egyptian presidential election, September 2005
•    NDI Polling agent training workshops, Kabul, Afghanistan, May 2004
•    NDI Polling agent training workshops, Algerian national elections, Algiers, Algeria, February 2004
•    NDI Election observer, Cambodian national elections, Phnom Penh and Kandal, Cambodia, July 2003
•    NDI Delegation member, Cambodian pre-election missions, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, February & June 2003
•    NDI Delegation member, Pakistan parliamentary elections, Islamabad and Taxila, Pakistan, October 2002
•    NDI Political party organizing workshop, Kabul, Afghanistan, September 2002
•    NDI Facilitator, investigative journalism training workshops, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Baratnagar, Nepal, July 2002
•    NDI Election observer, Bangladesh national elections, Dhaka, Bangladesh, October 2001
•    NDI Coordinator and member, NDI/The Carter Center pre-election observation mission, Dhaka, Bangladesh, July 2001

B.A. in Political Science (International Relations), Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Fluent in English and French; citizen of Canada and the European Union (UK); unrestricted car (Canada) and motorcycle (Nepal) license; commercial ultralight aircraft pilots’ license (Canada); advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver (PADI).