Cardy: Gallant nursing home flip-flop the right decision made for the wrong reason

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy welcomed the decision by the New Brunswick government to reverse the fees increases that New Brunswickers would have been charged for nursing homes.

“Premier Gallant has apparently decided he doesn’t want to make every single New Brunswicker over the age of 50 angry with him. Good for him, and the NDP hopes that next he will look at decisions around firing 300 teachers and cutting support for daycares from the same perspective,” Cardy said.

“We recognize that this decision has been reversed because it contributed to making Premier Gallant one of the least popular leaders in Canada,” Cardy said, “but, in the end, what matters is that our seniors won this round. I want to congratulate the thousands of people across the province who made their voice heard and who made an unthinking and short-sighted government change direction.”