Cardy Calls on Gallant to Announce Plans, not Reviews

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy calls on Liberals to be open about where they will find $250 million in savings.

“Mr. Gallant has gotten an endorsement from Paul Martin, who did not tell voters in 1993 that a Liberal government would embark on wide sweeping cuts,” Cardy said. “If Mr. Gallant knows this review is going to save $250 million, then he should be able to give us the exact numbers. Without the exact numbers how will voters know there will not be more cuts or none at all? Will front-line service jobs be lost? Will cuts be downloaded onto municipalities like the Martin cuts were?

“We have to balance the books but also we have to be clear with New Brunswickers about how it will be done,” Cardy said. “My party has identified more than $300 million in inefficiencies. We will be transparent with voters on where those cuts will be.”