Cardy calls for Immediate Action on Advance Care Paramedics

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the government needs to move immediately on allowing Advance Care Paramedics (ACP) to practice in the province. Health Minister Ted Flemming’s announced stakeholder discussions scheduled for next month are unnecessary given the amount of study that has already taken place.

“The reports are out there – the leg work has been done,” Cardy said. “I’m afraid this is another situation where the government wants to look like they are acting on an issue without actually doing anything.”

New Brunswick is the only jurisdiction in North America that does not allow ACP’s to practice despite the fact they are trained and certified in this province. A full report was presented to the government in 2006 that outlined how the use of New Brunswick’s 45 licenced ACP’s should be integrated into the system.

“If the Minister really wants to make this happen, he has everything he needs to flip the switch,” Cardy said. “This is about making sure New Brunswickers receive the best paramedicine care in the world and there is no reason to put it off any longer. This is too important to use as a political football.”

“I’ve heard the accounts from paramedics in this province who were legally prevented from giving the life-saving care they’ve been trained and certified to provide,” Cardy added. “This can’t continue.”