Cardy applauds STU Social Work Students for Pro-Choice Petition

Fredericton – New Brunswick New Democratic Party Leader Dominic Cardy applauds the effort of Kathleen Martin and her fellow St. Thomas University social work students for their pro-choice petition introduced in the Legislature today by Minister Craig Leonard.

“Kathleen and her team put in a lot of hard work gathering the more than 13,000 names on that petition,” Cardy said. “I am impressed by their dedication and commitment to winning protection for a woman’s right to choose.”

Cardy calls on the other parties to listen to those 13,000 voices and take action to bring New Brunswick in line with the Canada Health Act and the 1988 Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling guaranteeing women’s reproductive rights.

“I appreciate Minister Leonard introducing this and I hope he is able to convince his caucus to take action,” Cardy said. “The Liberals overturned their leader’s wishy-washy position on choice at their recent policy convention so I can’t see any reason why Brian Gallant and his caucus are avoiding a clear pro-choice position. Today is a great opportunity to right that wrong.”