Amid scandals, Cardy calls on government to sell Larry’s Gulch

FREDERICTON – Amid the recent scandals involving the government-owned private fishing resort, NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling on Brian Gallant to sell Larry’s Gulch.

“Brian Gallant and his team are looking for things to cut in order to balance the books,” Cardy said, “and this fishing resort for high-powered friends of the government should be the first on the chopping block.”

“The government expects all of New Brunswick to make sacrifices in these dire economic times,” Cardy said. “They should show leadership and finally sell this fishing resort.”

“Both old parties have used Larry’s Gulch for partisan purposes and it should stop immediately,” Cardy said.

“The Tories were right to sell the government jet and it would be right for the Liberals to sell Larry’s Gulch,” Cardy said.