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It’s time for real leadership on climate change.

The Gallant Liberal government has announced that they will not put a price on Carbon. By only levying heavy industry, the Gallant government risks not covering enough of the economy by the Carbon levy to satisfy the standards set out by the Federal government. With this half-baked plan, Gallant risks missing our emissions reduction targets. […]

Our Public Healthcare – Worth Fighting For

Jennifer McKenzie, The Daily Gleaner, September 20, 2017   Why do we have Public Healthcare in Canada? When Tommy Douglas was six, he moved to Saskatchewan from Scotland.  When an old injury flared up, he was sent to hospital where he was told his leg would have to be amputated.   A well known orthopedic surgeon took an […]

Why do we manage our Crown forests so bizarrely?

Jennifer McKenzie, The Daily Gleaner, October 18, 2017 Last Wednesday I was invited to speak at the Annual General Meeting for the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners.  They have been in the news lately as the Southern New Brunswick Forest Products Marketing Board and its sister group the Southern New Brunswick Wood Co-operative are […]

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