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Every Vote Should Count In New Brunswick

Commentary by Rosaire L’Italien, Interim Leader of the New Brunswick New Democratic Party which appeared in The Daily Gleaner. Our voting system has been with us since before 1867: before the automobile, before the lightbulb, even before tin cans. Virtually every aspect of daily life in New Brunswick has changed since then, yet the foundation [...]

Every New Brunswicker needs a family doctor

Commentary by Rosaire L’Italien in The Daily Gleaner It’s a tale we know all too well: thousands of New Brunswickers do not have a family doctor. It is estimated that some 80 per cent of what happens in our healthcare system takes place in that “primary care setting” which usually means family doctors offices. Yet right [...]

NB NDP Leadership Contest Announced

The New Brunswick NDP 2017 Leadership contest has begun, Interim Leader Rosaire L’Italien and members of the party’s Executive announced today at a press conference in Fredericton. “It is an exciting time to be a New Democrat in New Brunswick” said L’Italien Party President Michel Boudreau stated that “the party is growing with new memberships, [...]

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