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Dominic Cardy releases by-election pledges for Saint John East

SAINT JOHN – NDP leader and Saint John East by-election candidate Dominic Cardy is making three pledges to the people of Saint John East. “I have talked to thousands of people in Saint John East and one thing keeps coming up at the doors,” Cardy said, “the people of Saint John East want an MLA [...]

When it comes to paving politics, Liberals & Tories are on same path; NDP offers change

SAINT JOHN – NDP Leader and Saint John East by-election candidate Dominic Cardy is demanding answers from Liberal Premier Brian Gallant after an email surfaced suggesting Liberal-friendly paving companies will be favoured for government contracts. “It hasn’t taken the Liberals long to show their true colours,” Cardy said. “Brian Gallant promised a new approach to [...]

Statement on Remembrance Day

SAINT JOHN – The following is a statement for Remembrance Day from NDP Leader Dominic Cardy: “On this day we reflect and remember the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made so that we can enjoy this peaceable country, governed by laws decided by all of us. Their sacrifice, from Vimy to Kandahar, [...]

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