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Why does Universality matter?

Twenty years ago, my children went to an inner city elementary school that served some the the lowest income communities in Ottawa.  While sitting with an old friend under a tree in Fundy National Park, I was convinced to become co-chair of the parent council.  Not long afterwards, we were caught up in a province-wide […]

NB-NDP EI “Black Hole” Response

Jennifer McKenzie, Leader of the NBNDP today welcomed the announcement by the Liberal government that it will provide temporary and partial relief to the thousands of New Brunswickers caught by the so called “black hole” in Employment Insurance benefits.   In responding to the announced  income assistance from now until the start of seasonal work […]

NB Forestry

Why do we manage our Crown forests so bizarrely? Last Wednesday I was invited to speak at the Annual General Meeting for the Woodlot Owners Association. They have been in the news lately as they are in a lawsuit with JD Irving who is challenging their marketing board’s legislated right to negotiate and sell wood […]

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